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August 2016
Moved to GitHub:

Project Description
Now at GitHub. This project consists of ported code examples from the book Head First Design Patterns by Eric and Elizabeth Freeman into C#.

All example projects have been converted to use Visual Studio 2010 and target the .NET Framework 4 Client Profile.

Head First Design Patterns - Code Examples in C# in currently in pre-alpha. Please view the Issue Tracker for a list of open issues.

Project Milestones
  • Convert the Composite and State example projects from Java to C#
  • Add the Head First implementation of the Model-View-Controller pattern.
  • Confirm that all projects, especially the application harnesses, conform to the code in the book.
  • Close all open work items.

The source is not verbatim from the book, rather it prefers C# syntax and data structures when applicable.

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